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Helping H&H Employees price products fast & efficient since 2015.

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In 2015 Brandon Stone and Thomas Harrell were working together in Pelham. Brandon approached Thomas about an idea that he had about creating an online tool to help price all of the complicated products we carry like Carports, Buildings, and Camper Shells. There had to be a better way than a calculator and paper. A few short months later, was born. Morphing over the years into what it is today.

Onboarding new employees has never been easier thanks to the price tools.

-Jeff Martin Pelham, AL Sales Manager

Outdoor price tools

Wood Buildings

Wood Buildings

This powerful quote tool will help you quickly price any of the 10+ wood building styles we offer here at H&H.

Shed Designer

Carports & Garages


This tool is designed to make pricing carports and garages a breeze! Send a detailed email to your customers about the carport/garage they designed in store!


Rent to own contract

RTO Contract Generator

This tool helps save time and prevents human error by automatically calculating every figure on the official contract the customer will sign.


Thrifty Buildings

Thrifty Buildings

This tool is for quoting a customer a thrifty portable building. Print and email a professional quote to your customer with just a few clicks.



Easily price any size and option on the Handi House Greenhouses we sell here at H&H. Greenhouses can be configured in a variety of ways.



Our new 2023 Pool Price Tool makes it easy to show a customer the pool options to make them confidently purchase from you.


A.R.E, LEER, and Century – All products that have a TON of options. Use these easy pricing tools to help carry you to the end where you can make an easy sale!

ARE Caps

ARE Truck Bed Covers

This powerful quote tool will help you quickly and accurately price any of the 10+ cap and lid styles we offer here at H&H.


LEER Truck Bed Covers

This powerful quote tool will help you quickly price any of the 10+ LEER Cap styles we offer here at H&H.

Truck Bed Measurements

Truck Bed Measurements

This tool is designed to help you take the guess work out of truck bed measurements. Measurements of both old and new.


Order Store and Shop Supplies easily from our special order forms below.

Electrical Supplies

Angel Distributing

Easily order butt connectors, zip ties, fuses, electrical tape and much more with the click of a button.

Spray Supplies

Spray Bedliner Supplies

Easily order all materials and supplies that you need to Spray on Bedliners. You can directly order spray barrels, spray suits, masks, tape, and more with this easy to use form.

Office supplies

Office Supply Order

Staples, printer paper, receipt paper, tape, clips, rubber bands, envelopes, and more! Order right here!

Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Easily order marketing materials like shirts, hitch plugs, keychains, hats and a lot more from this simple order form.

Pool & Spa Supplies

Pool and Spa Supplies

Order all chemicals and supplies you stock at the store like Shock, Algaecide, Clarifier and more for Pools and Hot Tubs.

Wheel and Tire Supplies

Myers Tire Supply

Easily order patch kits, plugs, valve stems, wheel weights and a lot more from this easy to use order form.


LEER Order Form

Automatically order your Leer fiberglass caps and lids now through our new online order form and have them sent directly to leer.