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    I, ______________ agree to contract with Integrity Pools for the installation of my above ground pool package.

     Standard pool installation includes:

    1. Leveling of pool size with a 24" additional pool base.

    2. Installation of the following:

    A.) Pool wall and support structure (level within 1 ½”).

    B.) Vinyl liner (flat bottom).

    C.)  Filtration system.

    D.)  Skimmer and return jet.

    3. Commercial grade treatment for nut grass under the pool liner.

    Installation does not include:

    1. Removal of trees, stumps, rocks, or underground debris.

    2. Removal or spreading of dirt around the pool site.

    3. Landscaping or backfilling.

    4. Removal of pool cartons.

    5. Ladder assembly.

    6. Installers are not able to build the pool perfectly in line with an existing deck. Height, alignment, and location of the pool may vary.

    7. Permit, if applicable.

    8. Electrical work, connections, or inspection fees.

    9. Fence or deck removal or assembly.

    10. Liability for damage to real or personal property, such as but not limited to: sidewalks, driveways, sprinkler systems, trees, shrubs, and the indentations in the lawn or property from excavation equipment.

    11. Liability for impressions in the liner or foreign objects such as ants, termites, lawn grass, weeds, rhinoceros beetles, or rocks protruding through the liner. H&H strongly recommends purchasing a liner guard to protect the liner.

    Customer Responsibilities:

    1. Determine the pool, pump, and filter location.

    2. Proper dedicated electrical wiring, to be performed by a licensed electrician (Ex: 20-amp breaker, 10-gauge wire, GFCI outlet). This should be installed AFTER the pool is installed to ensure it’s in correct proximity to the pool pump.

    3. Location of ANY underground lines including gas, phone, septic, power, etc.

    4. Proper access to installation equipment.

    5. Storage of pool package, if needed, due to weather or any adverse conditions.

    6. Enclosure or fencing if applicable.

    7. Liability for damage to any underground utilities.

    8. Provide a hose and water to fill the pool.

    9. Payment in full at the time of installation.

    10. Maintain strict periodic pool wall and equipment inspection scheduling.

    11. Recommended: 2 feet landscaped perimeter using rock with weed killer and insecticide.

    Optional/ Additional Pricing:

    1. When a site requires leveling over the standard 12”, the cost is $10 per inch verified with a transit.

    2. Customers responsible for sand need 3 yards for 18’ pools. 4 yards for 24’ pools. 5 yards for 15’x30’ oval pools. 6 yards for 30’ pools, and 8 yards for 18’x33’ oval pools (sifted masonry sand).


    1. Installation times are subject to change due to weather and ground conditions.

    2. Manufacturer’s warranty on the pool liner is for seam separation only.

    3. Use of an extension cord voids the pump warranty.

    4. Pump is under the manufacturer's warranty for 24 months.

    5. There will be a $100 travel charge on all warranty claims after 30 days.

    6. All pool warranties are manufacturer’s warranties, not H&H warranties.

    7. Customers who backfill against pool wall will void all pool warranties.

    8. Customer to be contacted by installer within 3 days of customer picking up pool.

    I have read and understood this installation agreement and the items for which I am responsible. Furthermore, it is my understanding that the above-mentioned installation company, which is fully licensed but not affiliated with H&H ENTERPRISES, INC., is performing the installation of my pool. I received my Pool Information Packet. 

    Customer acknowledges and understands that the customer, not H&H Enterprises, INC., is hiring the installation company. Said contractor is solely responsible for the installation of all products and the customer is responsible for payment due for delivery/installation.




    For carvin and speck pumps:

    1. The manufacturer supplies a limited 24 month warranty to the original consumer, purchaser of the pump, and the motor on the following terms and conditions:
    2. The pump and motor are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date the pump is originally installed.
    3. Warranty is voided in the following cases: damages which result in whole from or in part from (a) careless or improper installation of the pump or motor; (b) improper or negligent use and maintenance of the pump or the motor; © tampering with the pump or the motor by unauthorized repair personnel.
    4. The manufacturer’s sole obligation hereunder shall be to replace or repair any defective pump or motor. The manufacturer reserves the absolute right to determine whether any defective pump or motor should be replaced or repaired.
    5. Any customer who wishes to make a claim under this limited warranty shall notify the manufacturer of such claim by telephone or by mail. After the customer has been authorized to return a defective pump or motor, the customer must return the pump or motor to the manufacturer. Any goods returned to the manufacturer without prior authorization will be returned to the shipper unopened. The manufacturer will not bear any costs or risk incurred in shipping a defective pump or motor to the manufacturer or in shipping a repaired or replaced pump or motor to a customer.
    6. The manufacturer will charge customers for all non warranty work which it may perform. Warranty work will not be performed until the customer has accepted the price quoted.
    7. Except as specifically set forth above, no other warranties whether expressed or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantibility and fitness for a purpose are made by the manufacturer. In no event will the manufacturer be liable for any loss including time, money, goodwill, lost profits, and consequential damages based on contract, tort or other legal theory which may arise hereunder or from the use, operation or modification of the pump, more, or associated parts. The maximum liability of the manufacturer hereunder will not exceed the amount paid by the customer for the pump, motor, and associated parts.
    8. Some states do not permit limitations on the terms of implied warranties or on the recovery of incidental or consequential damages. Accordingly, the limitations contained in paragraph 6 may not apply to certain customers.
    9. This warranty gives customers specific legal rights. Customers have other rights which vary from state to state.


    H&h will offer, for the length of the manufacturer’s warranty, to process a warranty claim on a pump and send to a service repair center for a $49.99 shipping and handling fee. Customers must provide pictures of the pump plugged into a gfci receptacle.





    1. The labor to replace a liner that falls under the manufacturer’s warranty is covered
    2. 100% up to 30 days after initial installation. After 30 days, labor and trip charges will apply.
    3. H&h highly recommends that the customer purchase a liner guard and ladder pad. These two items are available at h&h and significantly reduce the chance of liner tears.
    4. The manufacturer has the option to have any liner patched, which may have split at the seam.
    5. The failure in the seam must be caused solely by a defect or flaw in the material or improper workmanship by the manufacturer. A puncture or tear above or below the actual seam weld is not the result of a manufacturing or material defect.
    6. Perforations caused by rocks at the bottom of the pool, excessive water pressure, or any other lacerations, tears, or perforations other than seam separations are not covered in the warranty.
    7. A tear, perforation, or laceration caused by vandalism, fire, or accident; whether mechanical (knife, ants, rocks, grass, etc) or chemical means are excluded from this warranty.
    8. Breakage or shrinking of the liner due to draining of the pool is excluded from this warranty.
    9. Any discoloration or alteration to the liner’s print is excluded from this warranty.
    10. Damage to the liner caused by grass or weeds growing through the liner is excluded from this warranty.
    11. Costs of water supply or loss of chemicals resulting from verification, maintenance, repairs, or draining of the pool are excluded from this warranty.
    12. Any breakage or damage resulting from natural causes or any other uncontrollable circumstances is excluded from this warranty.
    13. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to provide technicians accessibility to the pool liner and/or pool structure (ex: decks, steps, stairs, etc.)


    The manufacturer nor h&h offers no warranty for any leak in a pool liner caused by any other reason than seam separation. H&h offers no warranty or liability pertaining to any leak in a pool liner. H&h offers a leak detection service including a $100 trip charge, $20 per patch, and $100 per hour of labor. Water must be clean and clear for any leak detection service.


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